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Pressure Relief Diabetic Insole - ProThotics - Karavel Shoes -

Pressure Relief Diabetic Insole

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If you need pressure relief for your foot, the Prothotic Diabetic Insoles can evenly distribute pressure on the foot by molding to the shape of your foot. With a Plastazote top layer and a metatarsal rise, the pressure relief provides protection against diabetic ulceration and relief for arthritis and other foot sensitivities.

This insole is ideal for patients with painful feet. The key to the pain relief is a very soft, open cell 25 durometer Plastazote top cover material, as well as a comfortable metatarsal rise which helps to unload the metatarsals and forefoot. The soft plastazote will self mold to the foot with body heat and pressure, so the insole will customize automatically, and contour to pressure points. Beneath the plastazote is a zero memory polyurethane bottom layer, which results in a customized top layer on top of a soft, zero memory urethane cushion. This is a good as it gets.

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