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The Path To Happy Feet


Happy Customers

I always thought Karavel shoes in Austin was for old ladies-with ugly support-type shoes. I dropped in Saturday and WOW... was I wrong. Yes, the shoes have good arch support, but they are CUTE!! I bought 2 pairs on Saturday, and entered a contest to win a pair from Bionica brand. Today I was driving from a doc appt and got the call that I WON the drawing!! Here are the pair I bought (turquoise and 2 colors of green... Wanda Panda brand) and the pair I won, white, gold and silver.)

Take care of your feet! Bad feet leads to bad ankles, then knees and hips!! YIKES, I sound like an old lady, which I am!!

Connie R.

I thought with my feet problems I’d never find comfortable shoes that have style. My podiatrist suggested Karavel Shoes Store and I am so glad he did! I have beautiful shoes that are so comfortable!

Martine B.

Stopped by on my way home from Austin to Houston because I had been complaining to a friend that the comfort shoe stores I had checked out didn't have much to fit my funky feet and they all had the same brands and she told me to check out Karavel. So glad I did! Evan was fantastic! He listened to my needs, measured my feet and brought me several things to try. He was super knowledgable and really patient. It was fine when I said I didn't like something and he just brought me more choices. He explained how the fit should be and told me about several things that can be done to sort of customize quality shoes so that I have more choices that will still work with my feet issues. Karavel had several of the brands I had heard of plus many more. I found 3 great pairs of shoes - 2 for work and a pair of vionic flip flops. The best part is that they fit great and aren't total grandma shoes like I was expecting to have to get. Thank you Stephen and Karavel Shoes!

Mallie A.