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Motion Control Sport Insole

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If you need a insole to support your arch during your sporting activity, the Motion Control Sport Insole has a soft and supportive metatarsal rise, as well as a structural stabilizer which promotes maximum stability, prevents pronation, rolling ankles, and helps to correct postural alignment. This Motion Control insole is the original design which combines support with cushioning, only possible with the arch stabilizer integrated with Vy-Gel where heel strike occurs.

The bottom layer isn't an EVA material which compacts over time, but rather a spongy, zero memory polyurethane. This gives you the best of both worlds, support and cushioning!

The metatarsal rise is a one of kind, polyurethane supported design, set to relieve forefoot pain and pressure, as well as simply support the entire foot if no pain even exists.

The top cover is moisture wicking durable material which moves moisture down to a 2nd layer open cell foam, keeping your feet dry for all day comfort.

Experience the Motion Control and see why the original version continues to lead the pack in popularity, as others attempt to make insoles inspired by it's technology and innovation. Made in the U. S. A.

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