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Oh, Shannon. Shannon Shannon Shannon.
It's her turn now! Shannon is our Athletic Footwear Buyer/Social Media Guru/Run Group Leader person. She lives and breathes athletic shoes. The first word out of her mouth all week last week was 'Clifton'…don't ask me how I know.
She runs a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean it. She has a running watch tan, part of her is actually light and the rest of her is a full on runner's tan. She's a different one. She is a sock, shoe, sock, shoe, kind of person…not a sock, sock shoe, shoe person IF you know what I mean.
Shannon has been with Karavel for 2 years, before us, she has been in the running specialty career/community for 10 years. She's run a handful of marathons, a few rather large handfuls of half marathons, and entirely too many 5k's when she was thinking of running longer distances. She did all of this because they gave her free bananas and chips at a 5k race, go figure. Now she sometimes wears her random finisher medals for necklaces instead of a regular necklaces like a sock, sock, shoe, shoe wearer would wear a necklace. She does this every other Friday.
There's only one way to find out if I'm telling the truth.
When Shannon is here at Karavel you'll find her in the office that she painted purple and she'll be listening to true crime documentaries whilst making sure that Karavel has every shoe in stock that a person might need upon walking in. She will literally drop what she's doing and order a shoe for a customer because that customer woke up and thought of Karavel for their footwear needs, and darnit…they're going to get what they need! After that, she'll find out who killed who and order more athletic shoes in between sharing everything Karavel on the random social media outlets.
Shannon also loves to read, if you get her into a conversation she'll most likely interrupt you while you're talking to let you know that she has met Anne Rice in person and she touched her hand. She's washed her hands since…she's clean like that. Whatever you do, DO NOT ask her about her thoughts on what Disney chose to do once they got their hands on Artemis Fowl, she'll never stop talking…and when I say talking, I mean complaining. It'll take her well over 50 miles of running to get THAT out of her system.
While she's trying to not think about books and athletic shoes, Shannon will stare at you if you have food, she's an eater, that Shannon. She has an entire cubby in her purple office full of dried foods, so while she's listening to true crime and ordering 10 million New Balance 990's…she's eating. What else would she be doing? Liking your Facebook and Instagram posts? She's hungry! If you happen to come across Shannon at Karavel, you'll know it. She'll either compliment your outfit, tell your dog that she loves your dog while she's wearing her 'Tell your dog I said HI' shirt, or she'll tell you something about your shoes.
That's our Shannon!

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