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Scott Seeliger

Mr Scott speaks for himself, take one look at him and you'll know exactly who I'm talking about. He likes to hunt and fish and he's the guy walking around Karavel who looks like he belongs in a forest or on a boat…BUT he will spend no less than an hour with you if you'd like.
While he's fitting you for the perfect shoe he'll tell you all about his last fishing trip, his last hunting trip, his last hike, his two beautiful daughters, and the entire history of New Balance shoes…in that specific order.
During the holiday season he's the Christmas Tree man at St Louis Church and yes, he's as strong as a bear. He'll come in and help you get the perfect shoe, and then he'll help you get the perfect Christmas tree! We've never heard him sing a Christmas song but that's another topic for another day. Yes, we agree that he should start practicing, we'd like to hear him sing…we think.
Scott's been with Karavel for 13 years and when he's gone on a scuba diving trip or on a cruise, (yes, he does all that, too) it's a different kind of quiet. We ask one another how their last fishing or hunting trips were and then we stare at each other blankly before becoming transfixed by the future stories we know we're going to hear from Mr Scott when he gets back from said trip. Folks will come in or call and ask for Mr Scott, sometimes they wait for an hour and sometimes they wait for a week, but if he's not here, they're not here either.
The way to Mr Scotts heart is through pork chops and steaks, he'll take them frozen or fresh cut, he likes to cook them himself…and the next time he sees you, he'll tell you all about it. He'll then tell you about his most recent fishing expedition, or what one of his daughters is up to.
He'll be right in the middle of a sentence and once he finds out that someone is waiting for him, he'll stop talking to you and he'll take his size 15 feet directly to the customer waiting for him, but you'll hear the rest later, I promise.
That's Mr Scott.

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