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Meet Lauren. She's our Women's Footwear/Handbags Buyer. She's been with Karavel for 11 years. 11 years. ELEVEN YEARS.

She eats, sleeps, and breathes shoes. She never looks at a persons face first, she looks at their shoes. Yes, yours too. She has been invited by multiple brands and shows to go give them her input and to help build lines for the US. 

They plied her with red wine, she loves red wine.






She also loves fashion but women's comfort comes first.

Yes, we can be cute AND comfortable, dang it! The days of us gals killing ourselves for fashion is OVER! - Those were Lauren's words. Other Lauren words include the following: You will definitely see a different approach since I took over…we aren't your Mamas shoes anymore! Not one lady has ever told me to bring the UGLIEST pair of shoes you have back there! Dress is dead! Welcome to the new world of ladies footwear fashion post covid-19. We are all about cute sneakers and slip on sandals now and I think the way we look at footwear going forward will forever be changed.

That concludes words from Lauren.



Lauren's background is actually in fashion and interior design. Once upon a time she wanted to be an architect. How she became a women's shoe buyer is beyond her and us, but she loves it and we love her so WE'LL TAKE IT! She wants to join a support group for Shoe Addicts, she's not interested in starting one simply because she's rather busy shopping for shoes so there's that.

Have I mentioned that Lauren's thumbs are rather GREEN? Plants are her jam! She's our resident plant enthusiast and she spends a ton of time outdoors getting her plant fix on.

When Lauren isn't traveling the world and drinking red wine and shopping for shoes for your feet, yes yours…she has 3 dogs, and they spend time outside with her frolicking around, not through, the plants that she's planted.



One of them, the dogs, actually helps her with her computer work when she's working from home. His name is Tucker Ray, not just Tucker and not just Ray. Tucker Ray. He also picks great shoes, Lauren taught him well. Thanks, Tucker Ray. Our feet thank you. Words from Tucker Ray include the following: ARF.

If you happen to come across Lauren when you're in Karavel, be sure to tell her hi through your mask from 6 feet away, and be sure to tell her to tell Tucker Ray ARF right back. 






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