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Karavel Shoes

Hello, Hey, Hi, guess what!!! We're getting our very own Blog! Finally! We're going to tell you all so many secrets and details about us, our history, foot things, the people who work here (yes, they're CRAZY!) and the comings and goings of, well, anything we want! So let's start with a little bit about Karavel...from Karavel's perspective, shall we? 




 I came into existence on March 7, 1937 by two rather decent looking gentlemen named Irving Ravel and Bob Karotkin. My first name was actually Buster Brown and my name became Karavel one year later. Since then I've seen so many things! SO. MANY. THINGS. I've had several locations, I've moved a time or two, I've had this spot over here, that spot over there…you know, retail store stuff. I have 2 locations now and I'm doing very well, thank you very much!



The people here keep me cleaned, stocked, and so so fresh. I'm always getting new things like shoes, socks, inserts, handbags, paper towels (yes, it all counts!)… I see so many people, I hear so many stories, and I witness so many celebrations! I've seen people cry because their feet hurt, and then they cry because their feet no longer hurt after they come here. How cool is that?


Most recently I've watched the stores close and the people who work here came in and built all these tents and put tape on the ground and started wearing face masks because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This place has been turned into a very safe, sanitary and comfortable place for people to shop and not have to worry about risking their health for the perfect shoes. Now that's quality.




The people who work here are some of the most interesting people on this planet, and somehow…they know A LOT about feet and shoes. Why feet? Why shoes? Why them? Well, WHY NOT? 


 Stay tuned… 



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