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Karavel Shoes Not-So-Secret Diary

  • Scott Seeliger

    Mr Scott speaks for himself, take one look at him and you'll know exactly who I'm talking about.
  • Shannon

    She's a different one. She is a sock, shoe, sock, shoe, kind of person…not a sock, sock shoe, shoe person IF you know what I mean.
  • Matt

    'If you happen to come across Matt at Karavel, he'll tell you what you're thinking based on statistical reports and graphs about human facial expressions, get ready!'
  • Lauren

    Get ready to meet Lauren! She's our Women's Footwear/Handbags Buyer and there's so much more to her than what you see at Karavel. Take a look!  
  • Karavel Shoes

    Hello, Hey, Hi, guess what!!! We're getting our very own Blog! Finally! We're going to tell you all so many secrets and details about us, our histo...
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