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Product: Men's Wave Post

Men's Wave Post

Item Number: 66191

Primary Color: Black

The ultimate in comfort and style, this men's slip-on walking shoe will get a lot of mileage. It features an upper crafted of premium brown leather and a breathable mesh lining. For an added layer of comfort, we gave it a removable Ortholite® footbed and WAVEWALK™ construction for reduced impact and foot fatigue during short and long strolls. The rubber outsole offers grip to keep you steady on your feet. A good-looking go-to for sporty and casual apparel alike. 

Clarks WAVE® was created to enhance the experience of walking, allowing you to walk longer and farther with less fatigue and greater comfort. The difference is the unique curved sole that helps your foot roll smoothly each time it touches the ground. The rolling motion reduces the impact of each step and uses your natural momentum to propel you forward. Now walking feels effortless, from the very first step.