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Mephisto | Sandals

Product: Men's Shark

Men's Shark

Item Number: Shark Brn


Full grain aniline dyed leather uppers for maximum comfort and durability, anatomically correct latex footbed conforms to the foot, AIR BAG shock absorbing outsole prevents jarring effects on bones and joints from walking, quick release ankle strap for easy on/off access, resoleable for a high return on investment, handcrafted by artisans of earth friendly materials to ensure a healthy environment.

MEPHISTO is quite simply the finest walking shoe on earth. Its comfort, support and durability are recognized wherever people take walking seriously. In fact,Mephisto has become the most popular walking shoe in virtually every country in which it's been introduced, selling more than 1.5 million pairs annually in Europe alone. Throughout over three decades of existence, Mephisto has been in the forefront of innovation in walking shoe design and construction. We have been responsible for such revolutionary features as speed lacing and air-circulating insoles. What's more, while other walking shoes are often 100% synthetic, rarely seeing a human hand in their manufacture, Mephisto remains a natural product (soft leather, latex, cork and rubber) and continues to be hand made one shoe at a time in the matchless European tradition.

sizes 41-48